No more free time

The holiday is over and that means going to school.
Even though i love my education i just hate getting up early and the subjects this semester are extremely boring and difficult at the same time!
In my holiday i went to a vaction-ish thing called Landal Green Parks.
It was nice but kind of long. we went there for like 5 days but 2 days would have been enough, especially because it was in the outskirts of Holland, in the middle of nowhere!
Picture time! Don't expect too much though. these kind of hollidays are all about swimming,sleeping,eating,getting drunk and not giving a rats ass about how you look.

One of my friends kept taking pictures non-stop,so after a while i started making these kind of faces to kill his pictures muwahah

 Me and my roommate had so much fun in the car, gotta love crazy faces

Other pictures of the trip are just too boring -_-'
Im thinking about changing my hair style to this!
even though i looooove long hair and its my dream, it just wont happen, my hair breaks and dies when it gets too long :(
I also love this colour, nice and dark but playfull with the blond ends


Its spring!...oh wait...SNOW?!

The sky is blue, birds are chirping, the sun is shining! That means its becoming spring!!
I love spring so much

Yaay ive got a new roommate and she's totally awesome, we spent every evening chilling in my room, watching cool stuff and chatting about random things!
Currently im totally into HOSTS , well, actually just one ^^''
I just love men with great smiles and eyes. There is just one word to decribe him and thats ''genki'' !
The fact that he is insanely hot is also a plus...
     Serizawa Ruka <3

Also ive bought these super duper awesome omgosh-look-at-those sneakers from SWIMMER!

Can't wait to wear these (they still have to be sent by the shopping service) with a cute skirt or shorts!
Ooooh summer, lying on the beach, no cold, getting a nice tan!!
Only thing : this year NO JAPAN :(
I could affort it but no time and id rather save up another year to spent my years saving on Ruka-kun mentioned above

Other than that im having fun at school, making lots of new friends, improving my Japanese and just being happy.
Currently im on a diet so i hope to loose weight before summer, this year i want pictures i can be proud of =3


Sales and Winter lucky packs

Yes its winter! Wich means SALE, Lucky packs,cold and winter depressions.
How are you going to spend New years eve?
Im going to a party and ''borrow'' a computer for my Lucky Pack reservation, i just love the special print AP came up with.

Just look at those adorable bunnies!! And i could use a new white blouse and bag.
But its a dillema,since ETC has a huge wintersale and i like so many stuff..
And how was your Christmas? first day i spent with my mothers side of the family and second day i spent with my fathers side of the family,it was very nice and i even got some presents! new bed sheets, a new mixer (i love baking cakes),a new pyama (pink with bunnies on it!) and the best present was that my hostfamily from Japan came to visit 2 days after Christmas.We went to Amsterdam and i got to stay in a really fancy hotel! it was so nice to see them again!
Now they are in Milan and Paris and after that they will go back to Japan. But i hope i can see them in summer.
Also today , my mum called,saying out cat had passed away,aw so sad, but she was very old, 24 years! i mean thats 168 in cat years! So its sad that Kleindier (means Small animal in englisch) died just before the new year,but its better this way since she was very ill, so may she rest in peace.

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Why are you torturing me Emily?!


I consider Emily Temple Cute as that girl in your class who is nice to you one day and mean the other day.
First this brand drags me in with the casual but this-outfit-got-your-name-written-on-it coordinations and then knocks me down with it prices, but as soon as i get up and buy it, it starts torturing me with its size!!!
What is with that! oh Emily why do you hate me? what did i ever do to you?
Well at least there is one thing i do know, as soon as i live in Japan (in 2012 for a year at least) ill visit my friend Emily every month!
And ill show that bitch who's boss!! HA!
Now here are some of the outfits that are fairly new but stuck in my mind...



I know its hard to tell,but i love pink! especially in combination with brown! <3

Finally a place of my own

So, ive moved to a new place,a new city too.
Ive always lived in Schiedam,wich isn't really a big city,more traditional.
Now i live in booming Rotterdam,really close to the centre,shopping mall and school.
So time for some pictures of my room ^^
im going to make it more ''me'', im going to put pink ribbons in my curtains, more pillows on my bed,i want a jewelery hanger,some lolita inspired art and a dress up manequin where i can put up a nice outfit.
Do you have some more tips to make my room more cute? please let me know ^___^
The room is 30 square meter and has a seperate living and sleeping part :D
I share my kitchen ,bathroom and toilet with a roommate, i don't know her all that well but she's really nice and mature,like a big sister.
now on to the pictures!!



Well,tell me what you think?
im really happy about living here <3
BTW i looooooove my new RilaKuma,he's really big and soft. But my other bear BIR is also so sweet, i love big fluffy stuffed animals.
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Its been so long...

Okay so wow, i haven't updated in ages!
There has been hapening so much in my life! 0_0
First of all, me and my boyfriend broke up (yeah sad isn't it ) so i had to move out of his house, so i started living at my fathers house,wich lasted for...a month before i became crazy...So now i have my own place! In Rotterdam, and i love it!! <3 i'm living in a old house with 4 floors and each floor has a bathroom,kitchen, toilet and two bedrooms.( i will post pictures soon ) so im sharing my floor with one other girl (she's really nice ^^ )
And ive started my new education, ive passed the test (hurray for me) so im now officially a TMA (trade management aimed at asia) Student! The school is really cool, lots of nice people and interesting things to learn, some subjects and teacher suck, but he, i guess thats everywhere you go.
I also got myself some new jobs, i work at  2 restaurants now, yeah yeah gotta earn some money since i have to survive on my own now ;)
Oh yeah,last thing, my wig finally arrived,even though its been like almost a year since i ordered it hahah
here a picture, i must say it looks pretty good, don't you just hate your own hair when the wig comes off 0_o